Oct 1, 2008 : IP hiroba is now on iPhone app.


Mishima city, Shizuoka -- Oct 1, 2008 -- Geolocation Technology, Inc. announces that "IP hiroba" ( // ) , the service to find geolocation data and Internet connection environment from IP address or domain name, is now on iPhone app.

The users can find the geolocation, the connection and the WHOIS informations about the other Internet hosts. Also, they can find the ranking of the most queried IP address or domain name, Comapny search from domain name and query for the BlackList.

Archived results from "IP hiroba" are used to control SPAM trackback on blog or SPAM comments on BBS systems, to track the origin of computer viruses, and to track the suspect at the first stage of investigations for online crimes.

"IP hiroba" on iPhone, it enables the users easy access to the service by the sophisticated Apple's iPhone platforms UI, even though when you are out of office.

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