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About the linking to this website

If you plan to add this "IP hiroba" website URL to your own website as a link, please follow these conditions.

a. Do not contain the content which against public order and morals, not participates in illegal activities, in your website.
b. The use of frames or other linking methods which obscure the origin of the our site's content are expressly forbidden.
c. We refuses any links directed to the images.
d. For the purpose of website administration, If you want to use our website URL in the media except website (paper, e-mail, broadcast, etc.), you must contact us before that.
e. The URL of this website may be changed or deleted without prior notice. f. Copyright for the content (text, photographs, images, etc.) of this website belongs to Cyber Area Research,Inc.

How to set up a link to this site

You can use these icons for the link to our website.
Icon1 Icon2 Icon3
icon1 icon2 icon3
For example, if you want to set up a link to our website by icon1(icon1.gif), insert the source below into your HTML source.
<a href=“//www.iphiroba.jp/”> <img src=“//www.iphiroba.jp/img/icon1.gif” alt=“IPひろば" border="0"> </a>

The Links to the other websites

The contents of websites linked from this website are operated and managed by the responsible authorities of those websites. Therefore, please use the contents at your own risk on the basis of the utilization conditions of the respective websites. Our company is not involved in the content of linked websites. Therefore, our company cannot assume responsibility for any damage caused by using the linked websites.
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